Thursday, November 6, 2008

welcome to the city of cats and dogs

Rosli bin Mohd Don - A diploma holder in batik craft course from the National Crafts Institute, Kuala Lumpur, he has shown his works in various exhibitions since 2004.

Jaja Yusof - With artist, Yusof Gajah as her father, she has been painting since her teen years, later showing her works in various exhibitions since 1999.

Donald "Dog" - A former student of Yusof Gajah, the Sabahan artist has been involved in exhibitions since 2007.

the launching will take place at the annexe, central market this friday, 7th november (with joint exhibition 'In Sacred Spaces'). for more info, check out annexe gallery.

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Anonymous said...

semakin ramai anak didik yusof gajah ni kan. ko tanak jadi salah sorang ke fa? :p