Friday, October 14, 2016

My lovely Japanese lady-bike

It was a birthday gift from my brother back in 2010.
At first it was orange.
And then a friend rented it in 2011 for a local shampoo ad.

And after so long the bike was left abandoned (because it was too pink for my dad to ride), finally shuben helped out to paint it in grey and changed the brake wire, pedal and added rear LED. He's planning to install a basket in front so he can ride it to the pasar.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wind turbines at Pulau Perhentian Kecil

You can find a lot of beautiful islands in Malaysia. I think i've blogged about Redang somewhere here (but i missed blogging about Tioman. Omg, i forgot to blog about our New York trip. And the part where i got married 3 days before flying off).
Aaanyway, i'm just gonna share some stuff on our recent Pulau Perhentian Kecil trip. If you don't know already, there's Pulau Perhentian Besar and Pulau Perhentian Kecil. The big island (Besar) is laid back and family friendly (the truth is i've never been there hoho). The small island (Kecil) is more lively with noise, curious young wanderlusts and 'what happens on the island, stays on the island' kinda vibe. There was a phase in my life where i went there a few times in a year, that time i was single. In fact everytime i travelled, i was always single because i was open in meeting new people, well, not sure what i was looking for though. Now that i'm married, it's a bit hard to adjust but i'm sure i'll fit fine. Because i'm that adaptable type (i think).
I can't remember the last time i went to the island so for that recent trip i was acting a bit anxious in surveying the transport and accommodation because it's my first trip there with shuben so i wanted him to really like the island trip. Previously you can't really book the rooms on the island, they preferred walk-ins but i guess there's a lot of changes in 6 years because as i browsed for chalets, most of them offered packages (like Redang). I mean, it's great but whenever it's meal time you have to go back to your chalet (first world problem). So despite it being a long holiday weekend (end of August-Merdeka weekend) we bought our bus tickets, return boat and just go without any room booked. That's how we ended up in Rock Garden Chalet. Sorry guys, no photos but heyyy, here's a video of us going up the other side of the beach, up to the wind turbine.

So how did i find the island after so long of not going there? Very different. Still glad that there's no road there but amagad is that a tractor??? (menjeling Bubu Villa) Why can't you people just maintain the hippie vibe of the island? When i saw photos of the brick path to Coral Bay i was really disappointed because previously it was just a path through the jungle however it made our way easier to and fro Long Beach at night (but it's still dark). The first few nights we were there, it rained lightly so we just stayed in our room. Thankful for the good weather on our last night there, we went for dinner at Ombak Resort Coral Bay. After dinner we went back to Long Beach and people were starting to fill up the beach bars to watch the fire show. We stayed for a bit and spent the night in our room (it was a pricey room for us so there's nothing wrong spending every second cherishing the room). We didn't go for any snorkelling trip this time, just rented the snorkel masks and swam near the rocks, below our chalet.
If you guys are planning to go to Perhentian Kecil expecting to float in the calm clear water, better go next year because the island is closed for tourists during the monsoon season (November - February). For those who hate long road trips, you can fly to Kota Bharu and take a taxi to Kuala Besut jetty. For those who don't mind sleeping on the bus for 7 - 8 hours (like me), you can get bus tickets (return RM90) online and i suggest that you just get the boat tickets (return RM70) once you're at the jetty. Everything is slightly expensive on the island so bring your own snacks and whatnots.

Trip duration: 26 - 30 Aug 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dancing In Place

I had some free time and wanted to update a draft that's been there for about 5 months and then i came across this upcoming show at the end of July. So excited! I went to Dancing In Place 2016 at Rimbun Dahan earlier this year which transcended me to an amazeballs-dreamlike state, i was angau in a daze for a week. Angau in English is sort of lovesick.
I've been wanting to go to Rimbun Dahan since forever (okay, maybe 7 years back) so I insisted we HAVE to go to that event, plus, there's gonna be people dancing. Outdoor. In the nature. Dalam rumah kampung. Like, how come I didn't know of this annual event before?? Based on the flier above of the upcoming show, I'm guessing it's gonna be the same flow as it was in Rimbun Dahan; divided into 2 groups and then we'll be taken to the sites of the dance show.

Below are a few (literally) photos of that event back in January. Very few photos because i was so engrossed in all the shows. Honestly, that was the first time I watched a contemporary dance show and I fell in love immediately. Maybe because of the concept of the show or maybe I'm just a sucker for anything with pokok (except illegal logging).
Anyway, because I fell in love so much, I went browsing for dance classes around Petaling Jaya and came across Soul To Soul Dance Studio. I was so up in enrolling myself for the 5 months contemporary dance class however I did some research that you really need to know basic ballet to pursue contemporary (and some of the opinions and comments I found online are very strict and stern, like, you can't dance at all if you don't know any ballet. Ouch). Well, for now, I'll just go and support the shows. See you guys at DPAC! (Cewah, macam aku perform je)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Ramadhan Mubarak

First Ramadhan as a wife. This morning i woke up preparing food while thinking, "I feel like mak" and recalled numerous times mak would kinda scream to wake me up for sahur.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Festivals That I'd Love To Check Out

1. This year's Summer Sonic (Radiohead? Suede? At The Drive In???)
2. Electric Forest
3. Boom Festival
4. Burning Man
5. Fuji Rock Festival (RHCP :'( )
6. Jazz Gunung
7. Glastonbury
8. Rock en Seine
9. Wonderfruit Festival
10. Primavera Sound
11. Roskilde Festival

Nope, not too interested in Coachella. Got a feeling akan pening kepala dengan attendees haha.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sabah - Borneo Reef World

A pontoon is a floatation device with buoyancy sufficient to float itself as well as a heavy load. Basically, it's a floating platform. The highlight of this trip was obviously Kundasang but I was more excited for this sea trip hihi. Sabah is well known for its beautiful beaches, islands and diving spots so it's just absurd if we skip the island trip on our first time to Kota Kinabalu (though Mili have been here a few times, i think she went to Manukan). I can't remember how I came across this sea walking activity but I remember reading about it a few years back and that activity was somewhere near Jakarta so I was sort of excited when i found out we've got it here in Malaysia. I still can't swim well, let alone skin dive so I was curious about this sea walking activity. And one of the reason was that I wanted Abah to experience and see what we usually see on our snorkelling trips.
To the pontoon.
We were surprised (and impressed too) that Abah went straight to get his snorkelling gears but he decided not to snorkel when his mask kept fogging and that the water was too deep. However we're proud he didn't hesitate!
We didn't exactly walk on the sand, just an underwater platform but i didn't really mind.
The helmet is 25kg and the glass sort of made me dizzy.
You can see the underwater walk-through at the top of this photo. This pontoon has been around for about 10 years.

Guestbook :)
So after the sea walking activity, I was given this guestbook and was minding my own business doodling when i heard some guys shouting, "Whale shark! Whale shark!" and i quickly ran to where the fuss were and there it was, a young whale shark swimming around the pontoon. I think it was about 10ft long. The guys who were obviously all divers splashed into the water one by one (even the cook haha) because apparently the whale shark will only come near the area once a year and that this was the first time ever at the pontoon. How lucky!!! We can't miss this opportunity so Mili and I put on our snorkel gears and joined the fun. It was like a dream!

Sabah - Kundasang

We wanted to just travel in Malaysia, maybe Cameron Highlands but my sister & I were too lazy to drive up and that we're not too sure if we're up for the winding road. Then, Mili suggested if we should fly out but too short notice, we couldn't find a good bargain for the flight tickets (in fact, i had only about a week to help plan things). We decided to check out Kundasang since none of us have ever been there (I myself never been to neither Sabah nor Sarawak). And so our belated birthday trip started off in Kota Kinabalu, a surprise treat for Abah.
Jetty, about 15min walk from our hotel next to Padang merdeka.
Mount Kinabalu's reflection. 
We rented a Myvi from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang (RM120/day) and my heart skipped a beat once we saw the beautiful Mount Kinabalu. We made sure to stop at every good viewpoint by the roadside.
Stalking some cattle at Desa Cattle Dairy Farm.
Before planning the trip, I asked my friend if she knew anything about Sabah and she instantly suggested Kundasang (because i can only think about the beautiful islands surrounding the state), of how most of the people who went there described it having somewhat of a New Zealand vibe (with the green hills and chilly wind). After approximately 2 hours drive, we arrived in Kundasang slightly earlier than our check in time so we decided to get some of those New Zealand vibe at Desa Cattle Dairy Farm. At the entrance you will need to pay RM5/adult and drive up to the main farm. The road, as Abah said, "Very very very bad". Seriously, they should have 4x4 ride to take visitors from the entrance to the farm. So at the farm they have a herd of cattle, you can feed the calves and kids and at about 2:30pm, you'll get to see the process of milking the cattle, by machine, not manually (to my sister's disappointment). If you're hungry, you can get pizza, waffle, sausage, ice cream and yogurt. It's just weird they don't have hotdog..
Adik baby.
The kids are alright.
After that we went to the vegetable and fruits market along the roadside. Beautiful vegetables and fruits, so geram! We were looking through the brown rice and saw this packet written 'Brown rice after earthquake' which obviously made us wonder and the makcik chuckled saying, "Means it's fresh laa". Like, duhh haha.. (Major earthquake happened in Sabah back in June 2015)
That pumpkin looking thang is what they call avocado cheese.
View from Kinabalu Pine Resort's restaurant.
Mount Kinabalu from our resort.
I don't know the name but it sure looks like fairies, aye?
While driving up to Kundasang.

About 30mins from Kundasang is the town Ranau (where you can find Maybank) and a bit further up from Ranau is the Poring Hot Spring, which we didn't go because I was already tired from driving and that the next day Mili wasn't feeling very well so we drove back to Kota Kinabalu. Before leaving Kundasang we did stop by Mount Kinabalu National Park however we were not up for hiking so we just drove around the accessible area. Would definitely come to Kundasang next time, gotta get a place with kitchen so we can cook up all those fresh vegetables yum! Heh. Anyway, we stayed at Kinabalu Pine Resort and I think it was a good bargain (because I just like staying at old buildings, my sister not so much), only they really need to upgrade the food a bit. We stayed at Block F, had a clear view of the mountain except that they just had to place the electric pole in the middle of that nice view. So I suggest for you guys to take Block R if you guys wanna stay there.
This is not an advertisement. But I like this hand drawn map.

Trip duration: 30 Jan - 2 Feb 2016

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Repekaneuro - Paris

Okay, a quick one. After Porto, we went back to Amsterdam, chuck our stuff at the Centraal's locker and took the bus to paris!

We drew LV on our shopping bag, posed in front of the boutique and send the photo to our mom :P
Our host, Pierre (he got a lot of names, Polish name, English name, taktau lah if dia sampai Malaysia kot ada nama Melayu juga haha)
Arc de Triomphe
Pyramide du Louvre
Amelie's Cafe! 

Hey sister go sister soul sister
Going to Paris, i only wanted to check out 3 places: Amelie's Cafe in Montmarte, The Louvre and The Versailles (which we didn't get to go because quite far and we only have 1 day in Paris). I'm sorry Paris, i totally forgot about including Eiffel Tower in the list!
Until Mili reminded me, heh.
Trip duration: 28 Aug - 7 Sept 2014

Repekaneuro - Porto

I am laughing out loud as i'm typing this because this trip was a year ago. We went to Porto from Lisbon (refer to the previous post). Here's a few good photos.
Just because Mili is wearing something that sounds like Azambuja.
The bridge was design by the same guy who was involved with the Eiffel Tower. I think.
Our host, Miguel.
Porto at night.
Meeting point. 
Had a cuppa at the cafe where J.K. Rowling spent most of her time drafting the Harry Potter series.
So we asked Israel if it's normal to wear colourful clothes here in Porto (because we got some weird faces from passerby) and he said "It is not normal"
Miguel made some time to take us & a Polish couchsurfer for a seafood dinner. They cooked rice together with the seafood.
Trippy passion flower in front of Miguel's apartment (to which i later found out actually a good medicine for BPD)

In the train from Lisbon to Porto. 

Porto is famous for their port wines. 
Our walking tour guides who were excited we're asians because: Selfie! 
Pringle's vending machine!
Trip duration: 28 Aug - 7 Sept 2014