Tuesday, December 2, 2008

multi-purpose RM1 button-up shirt

at the previous Celcom UOX event, held at capsquare, i was browsing the stalls selling all those wonderful cheap clothes, eye-ing for the best bargains offered when a girl called out, "we're selling these off at RM1 each!" indicating to a large bundle in front of her. well, being a real cheapskate i am, quickly i rummaged through the bundle of joy. haha! i found a grey off-shoulder top & a really big black button-up shirt. the black shirt looked spankingly brand new. i'm not sure if the previous owner did actually wear them or not but, who cares. i got it for RM1. once, i wore it as a shirt dress, adding my mom's red OB-belt. last sunday, my sister pestered me to accompany her about her business and though there were piles of clothes on my bed for me to choose from, i still told myself, "i'm so out of stuff to wear!". a mystery yet to be revealed in the future among we girls...then i remembered the black shirt. so, inspired by ProjectMuffStit, this is what i wore last sunday:

button-up black shirt

thanks for the inspiration! and let us all find out the answer on the mystery of: "i don't have anymore stuff to wear!"-though-the-closet-is-full-of-clothes-for-you-to-mix-and-match.

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*Sarah is the One said...

fa u pun cheapskate so ggod for you finding something for a buck! hehehe