Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Presets

i decided that to be a hardcore fan of an artiste is to at least like 95% of the songs in their albums. that's my point of view and if it's not yours, well, i can't do anything about it, can i? anyway, besides duo set Daft Punk, i've found another favourite somewhere last year (i totally forgot how i came across them). the first song that made me addicted was 'Kitty In The Middle' because of the beat which reminds me of rave-goth (owh. sue me), sounds like deep-minimal-electro where i imagine two girls in sexy cat costumes purring around the pole (future boyfriend, get a pole in the bedroom and i can show you the moves). anyway, i searched the internet about The Presets and i fell in love with a couple of other songs. later, lucky me, a friend gave me both of their albums; Beams (2005) and Apocalypso (2008) and i'm now very much obsessed with this duo. hailing from the land down under, Julian and Kim met when they were studying music in Sydney back in the 90's. they started off as Prop then The Presets when they decided they wanted to do something electronic. my current favourite tunes are 'Girl And The Sea', 'If I Know You', 'Talk Like That' (both original & remix by CFCF) and 'This Boy's In Love' (both original & remix by Life Like).

The Presets - Girl And The Sea

Girl and the Sea
Tonight the

Tonight the hills are watching her

as she runs towards the sea

yeah she runs so she be free

And of all the friends and enemies
shes made along the way

they are no where in her thoughts

as she dives beneath the waves

And he's the one that you've seen
sometimes on tv

and his shirt is on the ground

while he's tackled by police

and the parcel that he throws
across the bridge into the creek

it'll flow towards the sea

it will meet with her tomorrow

No place
some time
we'll clear

our eyes

and when

you're down

i'll come around

And all the
shes been along the way

flames are licken at their walls

night glows with their remains

From far away the animals
come gather round to see

but she knows not how they feel

and she knows not what it means

When she was young
we'd ask her what she'd like to be

and she'd close her eyes and dream... we're no where in her thoughts

as she dives beneath the waves

A place
I've found could be all ours
but I've seen
where you would rather be

owh. i missed the part where they won a couple of awards at ARIA 2008 plus they followed Daft Punk on tour. need i say more?!!

this girl's in love! totally!!!

The Presets


Anonymous said...

lame dah tak kenakan ko, hamek ni!

Anonymous said...

pap, kena lagi!

SuburbanKidsWithArabicNames! said...

Presets is the brilliant
cold wave by far.nice picks!