Monday, January 5, 2009


we were browsing for some DVDs to watch to fill our loneliness (cheesy!) and my sister came across this DVD. starring Christina Ricci and hot-damn James McAvoy, this is one magical movie. directed by Mark Palansky, Penelope tells the story of a pig-faced girl who's looking for her prince charming to break the spell so she could continue living life just like any other normal girls. It is said that the curse can only be lifted if one of her own learns to love her; to which her mother thought a man from a well-established family background that would marry her. the storyline and the film-set was what actually intrigued me the most, watching this movie. very fairy-like, totally dig her house. if you're a fan of Amelie, then i bet you'd love this too.



SuburbanKidsWithArabicNames! said...

i've watch this piggy over dozen times!
really fa-scinated.

peej said...

aku pun suka gile cerite ni...