Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a birthday gift

been eyeing this orange metal since half a year ago. when nearing my birthday, my sister said, "apparently, you always get what you want for your birthday." (referring to the late cotton white bunny rabbit my colleagues gave me). i replied, "really?"

well, she was right, no doubt. thanks to my brother for the bike :D thanks too to those who remembered my birthday, who did surprises (love love love surprises) plus for all the other gifts.
how old am i? always 21.


Ami Schaheera said...

happy belated birthday fa! great gifts :)

fa:scinating said...

thanks sweetness! :D

zuriaf said...

rad bike.
was it purchased online at a incredibally cheap price?
im thinking of painting mine yellow.

fa:scinating said...

not really incredible (well, incredible for me would be at least RM100) but it was the cheapest among the other bikes. yellow's a fun colour :D i'd love to re-paint mine but macam hassle je.