Monday, August 2, 2010

The Rapture @ Heineken Green Room

rumor has it that they got a new vocalist (but i read somewhere it was the bassist). in the end, i was right. too bad for those who thought it was the vocalist and decided to pass the show. wanted to record Echoes but i was too far away from the stage that time (some afro guy was standing next to Pedd, enjoying the show too much while closing his eyes. dude, friggin' Rapture was performing live in front of you for God's sake!!! he was too wild for me so i wander off). the new bassist looked grumpy like he was forced from slumber to play for the gig. hey Cobrasnake, i got you on video :)

and lapsap, you so hamsap waannn!


Anonymous said...

Tapi kenapa dia perform sekejap. Tak puas hati. :(

farrina jika said...

i know! maybe pasal bassist dia grumpy kot :P

SUXX said...

oh terlepas. rasa nak mengamuk. :)