Saturday, August 23, 2014

Not tall and tan but..

I'm always for the boots (except for UGG), never the sneakers. I don't think i look good in sneakers however the only kind that's okay for me would be those flat casual ones, high cut (can't seem to escape the boots in me). But i am now desperate to get a pair of sneakers for my Amsterdam-Portugal trip because the last time i wore slip-ons to Soundwave, my feet were sore from the stage-to-stage walking. A friend suggested Nike Roshe (to which i secretly kinda like the woven ones) but totally fell deeply in love with the Palm Trees (so in love that i am posting this after so long ignoring this blog). So in love, it's crazy. Googled it up, found it on eBay, bidding starts USD300. I am so sad right now.
So in love but so sad.

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