Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Repekaneuro - Lisbon

Every Metro station has different tile arts, it was amazing.
Diniz's place.
I can't remember the name but the filling tasted something like tuna with spinach. It was at this restaurant that we took a ride with the waiter back to our guest house, which was actually just 10 minute walk away. When dropping us off, in his english-portuguese slang, he said, "Good night girls! Enjoy your stay, take care & don't take any rides from strangers". Which we just did (sebab dia handsome. Teruk.)
Lisbon (or Lisboa) is Portugal's capital, also the largest city.
The streets in Lisbon are 99% very steep and made of slippery cobble stone.
Aku tak faham.

Tile-arts are EVERYWHERE, i was happy. There's even a tile museum but we didn't go.
We didn't get to join any walking tours in Lisbon so we took the bus instead. This is Belem.
Portugal was actually the main idea of the trip. It was Mili who suggested the place and while i was searching for flight tickets, i saw most of the flights' transit is in Amsterdam and since previously Mili insisted we HAVE to go to Amsterdam (it was in my bucket list too, i think i blogged about it here, somewhere) so i decided, Why not. It was an odd journey starting with Amsterdam-Lisbon-Porto-Amsterdam-Paris-Amsterdam. Trip orang kaya (yang miskin).
We didn't stay long in Lisbon, arrived on Aug 31 2014 and on Sept 2 we took the train to Porto.

Trip duration: 28 Aug - 7 Sept 2014

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