Thursday, October 22, 2015

Repekaneuro - Paris

Okay, a quick one. After Porto, we went back to Amsterdam, chuck our stuff at the Centraal's locker and took the bus to paris!

We drew LV on our shopping bag, posed in front of the boutique and send the photo to our mom :P
Our host, Pierre (he got a lot of names, Polish name, English name, taktau lah if dia sampai Malaysia kot ada nama Melayu juga haha)
Arc de Triomphe
Pyramide du Louvre
Amelie's Cafe! 

Hey sister go sister soul sister
Going to Paris, i only wanted to check out 3 places: Amelie's Cafe in Montmarte, The Louvre and The Versailles (which we didn't get to go because quite far and we only have 1 day in Paris). I'm sorry Paris, i totally forgot about including Eiffel Tower in the list!
Until Mili reminded me, heh.
Trip duration: 28 Aug - 7 Sept 2014

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