Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sabah - Borneo Reef World

A pontoon is a floatation device with buoyancy sufficient to float itself as well as a heavy load. Basically, it's a floating platform. The highlight of this trip was obviously Kundasang but I was more excited for this sea trip hihi. Sabah is well known for its beautiful beaches, islands and diving spots so it's just absurd if we skip the island trip on our first time to Kota Kinabalu (though Mili have been here a few times, i think she went to Manukan). I can't remember how I came across this sea walking activity but I remember reading about it a few years back and that activity was somewhere near Jakarta so I was sort of excited when i found out we've got it here in Malaysia. I still can't swim well, let alone skin dive so I was curious about this sea walking activity. And one of the reason was that I wanted Abah to experience and see what we usually see on our snorkelling trips.
To the pontoon.
We were surprised (and impressed too) that Abah went straight to get his snorkelling gears but he decided not to snorkel when his mask kept fogging and that the water was too deep. However we're proud he didn't hesitate!
We didn't exactly walk on the sand, just an underwater platform but i didn't really mind.
The helmet is 25kg and the glass sort of made me dizzy.
You can see the underwater walk-through at the top of this photo. This pontoon has been around for about 10 years.

Guestbook :)
So after the sea walking activity, I was given this guestbook and was minding my own business doodling when i heard some guys shouting, "Whale shark! Whale shark!" and i quickly ran to where the fuss were and there it was, a young whale shark swimming around the pontoon. I think it was about 10ft long. The guys who were obviously all divers splashed into the water one by one (even the cook haha) because apparently the whale shark will only come near the area once a year and that this was the first time ever at the pontoon. How lucky!!! We can't miss this opportunity so Mili and I put on our snorkel gears and joined the fun. It was like a dream!

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