Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dancing In Place 2016

I had some free time and wanted to update a draft that's been there for about 5 months and then i came across this upcoming show at the end of July. So excited! I went to Dancing In Place 2016 at Rimbun Dahan earlier this year which transcended me to an amazeballs-dreamlike state, i was angau in a daze for a week. Angau in English is sort of lovesick.
I've been wanting to go to Rimbun Dahan since forever (okay, maybe 7 years back) so I insisted we HAVE to go to that event, plus, there's gonna be people dancing. Outdoor. In the nature. Dalam rumah kampung. Like, how come I didn't know of this annual event before?? Based on the flier above of the upcoming show, I'm guessing it's gonna be the same flow as it was in Rimbun Dahan; divided into 2 groups and then we'll be taken to the sites of the dance show.

Below are a few (literally) photos of that event back in January. Very few photos because i was so engrossed in all the shows. Honestly, that was the first time I watched a contemporary dance show and I fell in love immediately. Maybe because of the concept of the show or maybe I'm just a sucker for anything with pokok (except illegal logging).
Anyway, because I fell in love so much, I went browsing for dance classes around Petaling Jaya and came across Soul To Soul Dance Studio. I was so up in enrolling myself for the 5 months contemporary dance class however I did some research that you really need to know basic ballet to pursue contemporary (and some of the opinions and comments I found online are very strict and stern, like, you can't dance at all if you don't know any ballet. Ouch). Well, for now, I'll just go and support the shows. See you guys at DPAC! (Cewah, macam aku perform je)

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