Friday, November 11, 2016

Chof Kukis

Chof kukis is soft chocolate cookies yang tak jadi (because it's wayyy chewy). I LOVE soft cookies and the easiest and most affordable cookies i can get is from Subway. However, i think it's great if i can bake my own, so i did. As you can see from the stories i posted on my blog (like, blogging last year's event, this year), that i am very busy dealing with life. So time is very precious and i like things that don't really take my time. Insert some mathematic biological formula, that, sort of equals to being lazy, heh. But you see, lazy people are good at doing things in a very limited time. We love the pressure!


So i searched on Pinterest "easy soft cookies recipe" and found this. Read through and it seemed easy which is true, it is easy! Tastes good but a bit too sweet for me (but one of my colleague said not sweet enough for her).
I replaced the chocolate chips with 3/5 Tango milk chocolate bar and added a little bit of raw peanuts. Gigih okay malam malam tumbuk kacang padahal tak raya puunn. However, actually, my cookies didn't turn out like the photos because as someone who bakes once in a blue moon, i was questioning why is my oven's temperature only up to 250 when in the recipe stated 350. After baking the first batch and discussing it with a friend, because the cookies didn't actually 'deflated' per recipe instruction, apparently i made a mistake thinking that 350 was for degree celsius, which is not because in the US they use fahrenheit instead. Bummer. Anyway, i'm gonna bake the left over dough because i was too tired and sleepy already (baked the cookies on a weeknight. So determined riiight), this time i'm gonna try make smaller balls. Wish me luck!

Had to use cupcake..cups(?) because i forgot to get the cookie sheet.
There's only one photo because i was really into baking this chof kukis. Also, i kinda suck at multitasking. Focus guys, concentration. Baking something you love, with love, for your loved ones. Hah!

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