Monday, June 30, 2008

threadszoo @ KLurbanscapes

it was sizzlin' hot, yaw!!!

the RM10 dress i got.


love the combination of colours :D

we didn't really get to catch the awesome acts performing that day (except for T.A.G.) but it was good for friends to come over at our stall. and most of them are familiar faces from school! a really big thank you to the organizers and to those who've come to support. much love!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

pelan pelan dan bilik gerakan

aahh. come see a friend's work of art. knowing the artist, i think it's gonna be quite provocative.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a fascinating kinda noah's ark

way better than your childhood nursery tales. this time it's a ship-load of fascinating fashion stuff to fulfill your closets' requirements!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

you tell nobody nothin'

have you seen these vans vault 2008 fall collection? they're awesome! i wonder if the writings "i'm not your bitch" will somehow stamped on the person i get to kick one day...ouh. bad thoughts, huh? among the list of famous sneakers, i've always had a thing on vans' designs. and for someone who's too lazy to tie her own shoelaces, well, you get the idea. he he. check the cool designs they got for fall. i bet you'd want a pair yourself. hypebeast

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

personalize your converse

aiyak! i couldn't get the exact colour of fa:scinating but i guess that's the closest blue offered. try designing yours here. who knows, all these while you actually have the drift in shoe designing ;)

meanwhile, don't forget to download that collaborated song of julian casablanca, santogold and N.E.R.D. it's free!
update: video of My Drive Thru!

Monday, June 9, 2008

so what did you draw last saturday?

as i've posted previously, 7th june was the World Drawing Day. so this is what i drew on that saturday:

yes it's passed already but there's no reason why you should stop drawing! owh. by the way, there's an exhibition on line drawing at the annexe, central market until this 15th june. cool line arts that you can afford!

OUT OF LINE: Doodles & Dreamscapes

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

jimi hendrix experience X nike dunk

want! want! want!

bored rasta-man

it's freezing cold here in the office and i'm bored. like, to death. hmmm...maybe i should be working on my next t-shirt design for the upcoming KLue urbanscapes.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

hotel scandalos - 7th june

a flier did for hotel scandalos night, this coming 7th june.

love international - giraffes

a flier did for love international night, this coming 13th june.

Monday, June 2, 2008

bijou bazaar the second

phew! i had little sleep over the weekend (i'm even yawning while typing this) because we were there at the bazaar! :D though bijou bazaar 02 has ended, i can still feel the sparks tingling in my body. despite the nail-biting, heat, rain, i had so much fun! thank you lola for inviting us to join you this time and i hope you'll consider us again next time. hehe. here are some pictures taken on both days (though it's not much because i forgot to charge my camera. boohoo!).

lola insisted on coming to the place the night before the event to grab a perfect spot for our stall (easier for us to mingle around, have a smoke and breathe) and there in the picture you can see our stall was just by the pool which was really awesome. we had the ever so famous miss project runway malaysia, jezmineblossom's stall next to ours. for those who missed the event, guys missed a lot of cool, cheap and chic stuff at the bazaar. oh chenta ku performed an acoustic show that saturday and they were marvelous. i thought the dj played an acoustic version of dashboard confessional cd! anyhoo, lola told me this second bijou bazaar also collaborated with the threads zoo. well, the more the merrier, innit? the only downside of the event was me. no blaming anybody else but i was too conscious about the feedback of our stall and the fa:scinating debut t-shirts and yeah, i always have this super-low self-esteem which made me hesitated making conversations with other traders. bukan sombong, cuma segan. first timer, maa...but really, thank you to those people who came and being very supportive of the event. and of course, a really, REALLY big thank you to the organizers. :D

one of the stalls there: menjual diri (picture from here)

orang-orang merepek yang hadir