Wednesday, September 24, 2008

black & white fest

you know how mysteriously black & white photos can look very dramatic? and how when you look at them for quite sometime, you can actually feel the feeling of what the photo try to express to you? black & white photographs have always been my favourite and how lucky, there's an exhibition going on at the annexe, central market from the 19th of september until october 5th. not only photographs by bernice chauly but they have also included some film stills from early Malay movies by amir muhammad and liza manshoor. a photography exhibition not to be missed!

Black & White Fest

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

merdeka art for grabs

here are some pictures i managed to snap last sunday, 31st august 2008 at the annexe. with most of my money spent on the island getaway, most of the time i was there with my sister and a friend from melaka (eh. not hang tuah or those other hangs ya) we hung out at the food not bombs booth upstairs. you're given the chance of painting the ceramics provided and donate if you want to bring it home. so we donated. hehe.

can i have a suggestion? next time, dear organizers, can you do such cool events on the first weekend of the month so i get to spend on the affordable fancy stuff? pretty please, okay.