Thursday, October 16, 2008

weekend starters

now that raya has been celebrated (or some of us are still celebrating it), it's back to those beautiful colourful weekends. aiya caramba, baybeh! okay. i must've over-reacted but yes, i am excited for all those upcoming events that will fill my weekends. it's the rainy season, meaning no island trips for me until next year. boo-hoo! i should crack my brains for my birthday getaway though. any ideas?

anyways, here are two must-GO events for tonight. it's only thursday i'm already greedy for two events per night? nope. i'm not kidding, people! and yes, i'm still going to the office on friday. got a deadline to catch!

okay. so tonight, we go here first (no skip-skip. this is a MUST)

then when you're done shopping and act all fashionista and stuff, we party with robotic dance movements. so fun!

Cloth & Clef is only 15 minutes drive from Bangsar. so stop hesitating!

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