Wednesday, December 17, 2008

four leaf clover

it has been a while since i got tagged. i guess it's fun to do it once in a while. so i won't hesitate your request, O' dear xumb.


• Four jobs I’ve had in my life:
i) i forgot my post at DeliFrance (or i don't know if there was a post to call) because i did the dishes & served the customers. but it lasted less than a month. it was somewhere after high-school.

ii) then while i was in college, i kind of helped around a friend's father's graphic/production house. we did an interactive CD for Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka on orchids and garden trees (whatever you call them).

iii) it's considered as volunteering but i still call it a job (because we got allowances) at Petrosains. it's a science centre on everything about petroleum. it was very fun and educative for me because i was never into science, really. after being a volunteer there for about two years, i learnt that science can actually be fun. i enjoyed handling birthday parties & special events especially because i get to do hands-on stuff. auww...i miss being there.

we get to eat free ice cream!

iv) i did some freelance graphic jobs before and i'm still doing it now. stuff like namecards, logos, fliers, you know, those graphic stuff. i'm not really good on motions though.

• Four movies/TV series I would watch over and over:
i) Science Of Sleep
ii) The Devil Wears Prada
iii) Stigmata
iv) The Darjeeling Limited

• Four places I’ve lived:
i) Taman Desa Keramat
ii) SS 18
iii) Deep Beach (haha!)
iv) Vista Pinggiran Putra

• Four places I’ve been for the past one week:
i) Mydin (they've got cool shits, yaw!)

i didn't mean to brag, but i had to.

ii) BarSonic
iii) Amcorp Mall (for bunny hunting)
iv) UOX Celcom at BB Plaza's rooftop for the White Shoes & The Couples' Company darlings :D

• Four people who e-mail me regularly:
i) Jobstreet
ii) Facebook
iii) Spams (on viagra especially -__-)
iv) Update on current job tickets

• Four of my favorite food:
i) daging salai masak lemak cili api (smoked beef with spicy coconut milk & tumeric)
ii) ikan patin masak tempoyak (silver catfish in durian paste)
iii) italian food
iv) junkfood (chips, biscuits)

• Four places I would rather be right now:
i) favourite island
ii) places that offers window shopping
iii) at home (i've so much laundry to do)
iv) Amsterdam

well now...who do i feel like tagging...
utusan shahril
andre riantiarno nasution


Anonymous said...

gambar tu! rindu zaman itu kan fa?

fa:scinating said...

ha'ah. it was so much fun & never a bore.

Anonymous said...

cam bes je keje petrosains?

'science of sleep' - dah agak dah

'jobstreet' - guilty too!

Ayeshadam said...

OMG, you know farhad!? small world. :)

fa:scinating said...

haha! yeah. but i don't know if he'd still remember me...