Friday, February 20, 2009

leather hooded biker jacket for sale

okay. not exactly Rick Owens BUT:

• black check!
• leather check!
• hooded check!
• unisex check!

size: UK12-UK14
price: RM175 (not exactly Rick Owens because it's affordable!)

preferrably C.O.D.
weekdays: Serdang, Cyberjaya
weekend: Serdang, Bangsar, Bandar Utama, KL area

if interested, call/text 012-678 3112.


ami schaheera said...

shit! personally used or brand new? :D

fa:scinating said...

personally used. worn just a couple of times. reason for selling: wanna get another leather jacket but different colour. heh.

ami schaheera said...

mmmnyeah just noticed the sizing.. grr if it's my size!

kitsch snitsch said...

nak! can fit me ah?

fa:scinating said...

aih. too bad then.


kitsch snitch, there'll be 2 possible miracles if u can fit it:
1- u've gain weight
2- i've slimmed down!

malangnya, none of the above. pfft!

Anonymous said...


tiket sunburst nak beli tak?

*buat muka tak innocent kesian habeessss*

arkhaios said...

saiz aku ada?

fa:scinating said...

what size? sama size ngn eri ke? u can ask him to try for u.

Emey said...

size aku je ada.

syencho said...

This jacket can suits men with height between 168~180cm x?
mcm berminat

fa:scinating said...

hmmm...i'm not sure. i don't really know how to calculate dari ketinggian ke ukuran bahu. what size do u usually wear?

syencho said...

x tau UK size..if translate k size S,M,L,XL..which size isit

fa:scinating said...

i think it's L la.