Monday, August 17, 2009

MTV Worldstage Live in Malaysia

so some Friday ago i rushed off to Barsonic to see if i was lucky enough to get free passes from Twilight Action Girl and i even got luckier because not only i got two passes to the MTV Worldstage but i also got a Kasabian CD. Thanks guys!

we were late so by the time we arrived, Hoobastank was already on stage. well, not quite a fan but enjoyed that part when they played the Ghostbuster theme. yes, we're ridiculous like that.

and then after a 30mins break, the All American Reject was up. he's hot, that what's-his-name but i don't know, somehow American bands have this specific sound you know, like, i really don't know how to put it. haha.

well, you know what i'm saying, right?

and then for the headline of the gig, Kasabian. you know, there's a saying, all the good bands are from the U.K. or did i just made that up?

the lead guy was rushed to the hospital a few days before the gig when he was suspected having the Influenza A symptoms (H1N1). when he came up on stage, he yelled, "i'm still alive!" and we're so glad for that too.


Anonymous said...

i hate you. nasib baik ada gambar adik. sejuk hati. haha

fa:scinating said...

eleh, u think i don't hate u too, ke?