Friday, July 16, 2010

Colours Of Malaysia - Poladroid

Attack Of The Dark Clouds - Farrina Jika

we all know how much fun this polaroid invention is. too bad the technology's now taking control & humans are getting lazier by day and what with the global warming terror happening around, they had to stop producing the films. but here's what technology can do for us sentimental people; you can poladroid your digital images :D

when i found out about the contest (a chance of winning monthly cash prizes worth RM1 500!) i decided i can't pass this chance. We Love Colours, in collaboration with ASK Sancora held this exciting contest where you can speak your colours of Malaysia not in words but through Poladroid pictures. fun eh? damn right.

no, sorry. i'm not promoting the contest because i'm a very selfish person & this is a blog about my interest. just mine. but FINE if you wanna join the contest too but be sure to vote for my poladroid picture as a way to thank me for telling you about this contest. blergh.

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