Monday, January 3, 2011

Make Something 365

it's the new year & typical of us to be feeling new about everything. then i saw Zam's tweet about the Make Something 365 project & i remembered he did that back in 2008. since i'm not to sure about my own passion (too many interesting stuff i love!) so i've decided to work on this Make Something 365 project. after raking my brains on the theme, i finally chose 'Doodles'. sorry, i can't really draw but i can doodle (like, who doesn't??? -_-"). i know i'm already 3 days late, but that's not stopping me. you people should join this interesting project too. something to share, something to brush up on, something that can test your credibility on commitments. really, it's THAT big. so here's my post for 1st, 2nd and 3rd January :)

1st Jan 2011 - some sort of fireworks in my heart.

2nd Jan 2011 - astonishment.

3rd Jan 2011 - to whom it may concern, you can kiss my foot.

actually, i have something more that i wanna add for this project. an idea but i don't know if i can manage it. doodling to a song title/song lines. what do you think?

1 comment:

zam said...

great stuff fa! the song title doodles sound interesting! keep it up! u only have another 362 doodles to go hehe