Monday, November 26, 2012

Urbanscapes 2012

Here's an honest story, i was in this crazy mode of not having the interest to attend the festival (of the year?). Yes, i've heard of Sigur Ros but maybe i'm just not really into post-rock that much. Maybe because i still haven't found my post-rock tune, yet (but i like Deepset & KLPHQ). So anyway, a friend of mine got herself a booth at The Street for Urbanscapes 2012 (#urbanscapes2012 #U2012) and another friend suggested me to help out since i don't have any other commitments (a nicer way of saying i'm patheticly single..pffttt). Then i realized she was right so i agreed. Come weekend, customers were filling the booth non-stop, so busy we didn't have time to browse around for shows & happenings! Bruises here & there from loading & unloading the stocks, super tired but today, i kinda miss it all. Busy is good :)
 Sweetest couple.
 Anak ikan di belakang.
 Caught in the U of Kolumpo
 Amy & Amee.
AV on planks. Diggin' this!
So cute!
Nadia & Zam of HURI
Rain? Shopping is still shopping. Kudos, ladies!

And a big bunch of thanks to whoever helped us along the way.

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