Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the wonders of Portuguese Village, Malacca

butter prawns with Nestum

hail, hail to the chili crabs!

yes. we totally went that far for dinner last night. thanks to our dedicated drivers & pilot cum tour guide for attending to our needs of cam-whoring.


acilalala said...

hii, where's this place? Portuguese village? which part?
the food seems interesting, i wanna go n try =p
i live in melaka btw, nice to meet you =)

fa:scinating said...

hi :) err...i can't exactly explain the plc because it was someone else who brought us thr. wht i can tell is tht this plc's quite well-known & it's in town's area.

tash said...

fa.. tu nestum-nestum anak dia tu selamba je letak kt butter prawns you. budget fusion.

fa:scinating said...

ahahahahhahaha!!! tapi sedaaappp! terngiang-ngiang!