Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I can be a writer if i feel like it

Okay fine, not exactly a writer but that status gives me the advantage of holding an interview. I've always been curious about people, like what they do, how they survive. Basically, just being nosy. Since i'm not eligible to be a real writer or journalist (because i don't really have a purpose in life), i will be doing a weekly interview post with my friends (hopefully i can get 10 people to agree to this). I'm calling it: Fascinated By:. People who think they're normal but they're not.
I haven't decide which day of the week i'm gonna post the interview because consistency is not my middle name, duhh.
Okay, now i will have to go think of a real solid purpose why i wanna do this interview post, so my friends would agree to it, willingly. Because i don't like being pushy. I don't like being pushed, therefore.

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