Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fascinated By: Shuz

So i've decided that Wednesday should be the day we be nosy! Because Wednesday and We-Be-Nosy starts and ends with the same alphabet, hah! (the fact is, i'm just too excited to post my first interview and tomorrow is already too late).

This is Khairunnisa Noor bka Shuz. Born in 1987, she is awkward, a walking list of creative projects and buat je anything she feel like doing. She loves cats but wouldn't wanna be one because the thought of being molested totally creep her out.

1. Where are you now and where were you yesterday?
now: in my personal space getting my shit done.
yesterday: out and about getting other people's shit done.

2. What are you doing in life right now to get by the system?
i make things, especially clothes.
i teach things, especially garment construction.

3. How many bills per month do you have to settle?
three + one. tho i wish i could afford to contribute more.

4. What is your favourite breakfast and why do you think it's good for you?
dua telur mata goyang
a fuckload of spinach and mushrooms
pinch of bamboo salt + pepper
(all cooked together in one pan in coconut oil)
+ four to six slices of grained roti.

same thing every. single. day.
good because buat sendiri + consumed within an hour of bangun tidur.

5. What was the last thing you draw/doodle?

Shuz is also a very shy person.

6. What will you be doing this coming weekend?
i would like to say lepak lepak have fun with the homies and go to my husband's show but most likely work because i'm obsessed.

7. What's the difference between holiday and travel?
holiday is the beach / hutan / outskirts where you just chill, smoke some greens, look at clouds, free from work and other city burdens.

travel is the city where you walk and look at things, surrounded by capitalism and hyper consumerism and bump into other tourists (literally). sometimes you even have to work.

both are cool because you get to observe new things.

8. How do you really wanna live your life?
free of debt most definitely.
free of the need to succumb to consumer capitalism.
free of human politics / democracy / kakistocracy.
on a hill / by the river or sea in a tiny open space cottage.
one husband, a couple of goats, a number of chickens, zero humans.
fuckload of plants and of course endless supply of herbs.
doing whatevertf i want but never forgetting god.

tldr; basically off the grid.


Besides this, she also made my nikah kebaya.
9. Do you like folding or ironing your clothes?
yes to folding (sambil angkat baju sambil lipat kain).
no (never) to ironing because i love that hobo look.

10. Have you found your purpose in life?
found it in a book revealed verbally 1400 years ago.

11. List three things that you are currently fascinated with.
i. god's meticulous planning.
ii. god's intricate creations and the creations they create.
iii. dmt.

12. Why are you wearing that shirt today?
top of the pile.

You can stalk her more, here.

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