Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fascinated By: Ajiera

Ajiera is someone i constantly talk to at the office and considered as my Grey's Anatomy person (you have to watch the show to get it). Born in 1985, back then she studied interior design but not really practising it nowadays.

1. Where are you now and where were you yesterday?
Literally? Office and home. Super generally? Yesterday a hustler. Now trying to be a survivor/human.

2. What are you doing in life right now to get by the system?
Fighting and struggling the normalities. The more i do now, the more i think we're going nowhere. (forgive my negativity)

3. How many bills per month do you have to settle?
Around RM2,500+

4. What is your favourite breakfast and why do you think it's good for you?
Self-made omelette with potatoes and cheese and half-fried onions. It will make me full & happy obviously. #potatorules

5. What was the last thing you read?
The above question. If it's a book, it's Buy Me The Sky by Xin Ran.

6. What will you be doing this coming weekend?
Work/ on duty this Saturday (i was forced to buy nasi dagang, soto and nasi lemak from a girl friend who's opening a stall this coming Saturday).
Sunday- maybe helping her at her stall?????

That time i forced her to join me at YSDAF2016

7. What's the difference between holiday and travel?
Holidays stops at the age of 17 where you worry nothing because your parents settled everything for you, including your swimming suit/trunk, and pay anything you choose at souvenir shop or even better, give you money to spend yourself - OVERSEAS.
Travel is when you get lost and you learn.

8. How do you really wanna live your life?
I still don't know what i want in life generally but the decent way of living in my opinion is by having sufficient love, support, understanding, respect and enough moneyto eat and pay what should be paid. To be specific I need someone to talk to and share my life with, able to listen to good music and watch good movies, read books and spend quality time with loved ones, like an evening at Pantai Sepat.

9. What was the last awkward situation you were in?
Today (almost) shouting at a friend "but you are the one who is sighing!" during meeting on site with tenant from Japan and some contractors. Only one of them turned and look at me thank God.

10. Have you found your purpose in life? But i believe everything we search for will always come back to love.

Ajiera's Brandon Flower.

11. List three things that you are currently fascinated with.
i. Finding out who's having period at the same time, right now at the office, there are 6 girls and 2 soon. I learned in "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" that girls who spend time together will get their period sync with each other.
ii. A girl band and i won't let you know which because it's embarrassing.
iii. The taste of my healthy breakfast.

12. Why are you wearing that shirt today?
Because i know there's a board meeting today and to help myself feeling a little bit better from the day before but turned out that if there's a jerk in between your work, you'll be ruined anyway.

She is single but i'm not sure if she's available.

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