Thursday, October 27, 2016

Picnic in Bangsar

It was Syima's birthday about 2 weeks back and we had a little picnic to celebrate her becoming old. I am still not sure why we celebrate people getting older but i'm in for any kind of parties, heh. We decided a picnic should be suitable since most of my friends have kids and well, you know, dah banyak umur ni, can't really stay up late.

Happy birthday Syima!
At first we wanted to picnic at Taman Lembah Kiara however that park is so popular in the neighbourhood that it's always packed in the morning and since some of my friends have babies and pregnant, it'll be a bit of a problem to park so far from the park. So Yati suggested a park near her place in Bangsar, which i found out later, is just behind Kompleks Sukan Bangsar (a location that i will blog about, sometime next year).

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